Public affairs success often requires the coordination of grassroots/grass-tops activities to support a client’s lobbying effort, media relations, coalition building, crisis management, and most importantly, a strategic plan.   After all, very few businesses are untouched by government and public policy.

Capitol Strategy Group has successfully executed grassroots and grass-tops campaigns on the national, regional, and state levels.  The comprehensive campaigns that Capitol Strategy Group has executed include speaker’s bureaus, press tours, and advocacy events. In addition, our firm has implemented numerous membership grassroots advocacy campaigns on legislative and regulatory issues.  These campaigns have worked to educate and motivate the membership of industry associations and organizations to become engaged in the process to achieve their priorities.

Part of establishing credibility for the client is getting their message out through the media.  Through years of experience working with local and national newspapers, radio, and television, Capitol Strategy Group has a proven track record of gaining media coverage for its clients. Whether the client is seeking editorial endorsements on an issue or trying to get a message through a particular medium, our firm can develop a strategy that will allow for the successful completion of our client’s goals. 

Capitol Strategy Group develops and assists in implementing a detailed strategic plan for our clients that works to achieve success. Clients participate in one-on-one meetings with key officials, receive introductions to agency personnel, engage in long-term community involvement activities, and, when appropriate, participate in the political process. Capitol Strategy Group, with relationships built over many years, monitors the political environment and its potential impact on our clients.  When it comes to public affairs, Capitol Strategy Group has the knowledge and experience to craft and help implement effective strategic solutions.