Businesses in Georgia and across the nation are constantly made aware that state and federal legislation can have a dramatic impact on almost every bottom line – good or bad.  Being unaware or unengaged in the legislative process can prove to be catastrophic, where as being involved in the process can possibly yield a positive outcome for the client.

The scale, complexity, and significance of state and federal legislation continue to escalate and impact virtually every enterprise. Therefore it is vital that corporations, organizations, and industry groups today ensure that their voices are heard - not in a loud, banging noise, but instead through a strategically and intelligently designed plan.  Capitol Strategy Group provides experienced and professional advocates to understand and express the concerns of our clients, keeping them apprised of new and changing trends and developments, and assisting them in forming tactical alliances.

Rather than litigation, clarifying a law may be faster and more cost-effective, possibly helping prevent expensive legal battles.  Capitol Strategy Group has the experience to help put policy on your side.  We customize a program to meet your needs, whether it involves monitoring events and legislation or attempting to change a law.  Our firm has solid relationships with elected officials and key staff to effectively communicate our clients' interests on issues.

Capitol Strategy Group represents health care interests, business interests, physicians' interests, and advocacy groups.